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Our fleet is the largest in London to be solely electric. We believe we lead the way in establishing the cleanest, greenest fleet in the country. TXE black cabs are reliable and versatile and recognised as the world's finest and most iconic of taxis. By working with the most knowledgeable and sustainable drivers we have a team to be proud of.


Our Knowledge

As taxis can be hailed in the street and asked to go anywhere, taxi drivers must have a thorough knowledge of London. This is why all our taxi drivers have to learn and pass the world-famous knowledge. Many of our drivers have been driving the streets of London for decades and have unparalleled knowledge. Beyond this, the HP Taxi team support all our drivers with a premium service to boost your income.

  1. Paul Byron decided to buy his first taxi at KPM after passing the KOL.
  2. Invited to Ansty to be one of the first fleet owners and probably the newest and smallest fleets to view the new factory for the TXE City.
  3. One of the first fleet to place an order for the electric LEVC taxi
  4. Our famous driver Mr Everton Thomas eagerly awaited the delivery of the first Taxi to appear in the fleet.
  5. We completely converted to EV – our ethos was now to be the cleanest greenest most future proof fleet while others were still considering moving to EV.
  6. We partnered with the NHS to assist with the Covid-19 crisis.
  7. We have now developed the largest fully all electric taxi fleet in London.

16 Blount Street, London, E14 7BZ

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