Electric Taxi rental


We have finally got the vehicle this trade has been waiting for !!


As Londons finest we want to drive Londons finest and become and stay here as PREMIUM FLEET this vehicle gives us all that and more!!


As London’s first electric only fleet we know the vehicle inside out and have many out there on the road already at this early stage, having been one of the first to order the vehicle after seeing it being produced at the new 300million factory at Ansty Coventry.


Our initial drivers have seen considerable fuel savings and some are operating it purely on electric only giving it an excellent fuel economy, we have successfully proved that the vehicle out performs the TX/vito on every aspect,  its truly is what the trade needs.


If you’re thinking of renting the cab please talk to us we can run you through the process, the cab will work out cheaper for you as long as you’re a full time driver




Much has been made of the range of this vehicle but we now know the real figures of 50-60 miles on a charge this will last you 7-8 hours in time and cost you roughly £3, with this in mind you can work out your costs fairly easily, also you can now book in a 48hour test drive at LEVC, this will also give you an idea of how the cab can work for you.


Rental comparison example


Driver A

Rented new  TX4 last year 2017 for 265 PW works 5 nights  £180-200  fuel  small commute from East  total costs £455

This year TXE @ 330PW  2018 fuel costs £70 per week SAVING £55 per week and being in the TXE.


Driver B


Rented old TX2 last year with 300k miles on clock paying 190 per week but doing airport and on 5 long days £220 per week costs £410 pw

Rents TXE £330 pw currently and pays around £30 per week in fuel as charging is currently free at feeder park.


Please email for a comparison.